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We are happy to introduce ourselves as a fully green company, and its Eco Friendly soil nourishers, plant health promoters and stimulants, feed supplements for diary, poultry and fisheries segments, about the awareness about Use & benefits of natural products in our agricultural and animal husbandry practices.It will be no exaggeration to mention here that a long period of time on chemical fertilizers, pesticides and synthetic pyrethroids of extensive and indiscriminate use has caused the wreck wreckage of our environment Including the flora and fauna, let alone humanity, thereby leaving a very bleak future for our children The crops we consume, the vegetables we cook, The most of these food items have virtually lost almost all of the essential nutrients and vital trace elements that are supposed to be eaten and eaten, so much so that eating them will damage our body immune system instead of building them. The soils have their fertility; The water tables have shrunk; The plants have lost their immunity; The animals have become more susceptible to diseases and the human race has been inflicted with various diseases. All these disastrous signals cry for a safe and viable solution, which will replenish the soil, its fertility,

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